Shipping Cost

Free shipping for orders over €150,00 inside the Netherlands.

For orders outside the Netherlands:

Indication of the shipping cost if sent by PostNL with track and trace:smoking accesssories

Zone 0-2 kg 2-5 kg 5-10kg 10-20kg 20-30kg
EUR 1 18,00 24,50 30,00 39,00 50,00
EUR 2 23,50 30,00 36,00 45,00 60,00
WORLD 29,30 39,30 63,30 110,30 not possible


EUR 1 Austria, Belgium, Denmark (excluding Faroe Islands and Greenland), France (including Corsica and Monaco), Germany, Italy (excluding San Marino and Vatican City), Luxembourg, Spain (including Balearic Islands and excluding Canary Islands), Sweden, and United Kingdom (excluding Gibraltar and the Channel Islands)
EUR 2 all other European countries (excluding Russia)
WORLD all other countries (including Russia)