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Wholesale smoking accessories for import and export. Smoking accessories is our business. We only do wholesale, meaning we only sell to retail or to other wholesalers. To order any of our products online, register your business with us. Registered customers, who want to import or export our smoking products, can order online by using our "customer login". You can view any of our smoking paraphernalia by clicking on one of the pictures below, by choosing... Readmore...
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Spliff cannabis seeds. Regular and Feminized varieties. Cannabis or marihuana strains. Indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Spliff Seeds has a bronze, silver and gold line. Spliff marihuana seeds are of the highest quality. Bronze line has 8 varieties: Afghan, Citral Sativa, Master Kush, Phenomeno, Polm Gold, Royal Thai, Santamarta and Sweet Durban. Silver line has 12 seed strains: AK, Bubble gum, Blue berry, Dutch Hope, Jack Horror, K2, Northern Light, Power Plant, Purple power , Super Skunk, Top 44 and White Widow. readmore

The Gold Line currently has 14 varieties: AK, Afghani Gold, Bubblegum, Easy Rider, Kaya, Master's choice, Northern Lights Haze, Northern Lights Special, Power Plant, Snow White, Spliff Diesel, Spliff's Strawberry, Super Skunk en White Widow. Our range holds cannabis seeds both for indoor, greenhouse and outdoor cultivation.The Bronze line consists of regular seeds at a very competitive price and holds 8 varieties.


Steel pipes, metal pipes, aluminium pipes. Wood pipes are made of materials such as: ebony, shisha and rosewood. Smoking pipes for herbs.Can be used as pure pipes or mixed with tobacco. We have many pipes in our catalogue. Our range of pipes are made of materials such as wood, steel, brass and aluminium. Pipes in other materials are categorized under different categories such as colour changing and bongs category.


Shishas, hukkahs or nargile. Available with glass chillum or with metal chillum, depending on model. This category contains the following subcategories: acrylic bong, bamboo & Ceramic bong, Molino glass bong and glass bong. The acrylic bongs include a whole new range of lowbudget, but high quality bongs. 14 larger models; 25 cm plus. And four 20 cm or less models.

Off course, we also have bamboo and ceramic bongs. And a huge range of Glass bongs. read more
To finish off, we also have an extensive range of high-end quality Molino Bongs. This range includes a vast array off cups (colour changing, inside and outside art), chillums and precoolers. How to use a bong: Fill the bong with water so that the chillum is submerged in water. Some bongs have a narrow middle piece, this is to place ice cubes in. To give a smoother smoke. Fill the chillum with herbs. Cover the hole in the bongs and light up. Inhale the smoke so that the bong fills with smoke. Don't inhale just yet. Then release your finger from the whole and inhale all the smoke. And there you go, thus functions a bong.


Aluminium grinders, pollinators. Plastic, acrylic grinders. Wood grinders.

Herb crushers, Marihuana, cannabis grinders. Ebony wood grinders, rosewood grinders. Wooden grinders, plastic, metal and aluminium grinders. You name it, we've got it. We have all kinds off models in stock. Regular grinders, pollinator grinders or grinders with a storage space.readmore

Also available are logo grinders we have a huge range. Several amsterdam logo's, but also ying yang weed logo's. We also do own logo grinders for several headshops and coffeeshops. There are more options when it comes to merchandise products.

Paper & screens

Rolling papers, smoking papers. Pipe screens; brass or metal screens. Filter tips.
Rolling filter tips. Rolling papers in several different, printed designs. The smoking papers come in rolls or booklets. Small smoking papers and large smoking papers. The tobacco papers are mainly made of thin rice paper. Also available in different sizes. The motifs available are mainly cannabis and hemp related. Filtertips come in many different designs.  Screens are available in 15 mm (small) and 20mm (regular). Screens come either in brass or steel.

Colour Changing

Colour changing glass hand pipes. Inside art spoon pipes. Outside art spoons. Pure pipe. Smoking glass pipe. Handblown glass pipes.
Colour changing glass pipes at very competitive prices. These high quality, handblown glass pipes change colour gradually after some period of usage. Blow artists ensure these handblown pipes are each one-of-a-kind, unique individual glass pipes. You can use this to smoke pure herbs.


Ashtrays, tobacco tins, glass ware, merchandise, digital scales, snuff items.
Polystone and glass design ashtrays available with various Amsterdam and weed designs. Boxes or tobacco tins holds an amazing range of different designs, Amsterdam or weed related. shotglasses, beer glasses